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Trade federation Empty Trade federation

Post by Richard on Sat Feb 26, 2011 1:03 am

there is a trade federation in hydra,uni 17 and uni 24
it is an alliance that trades with other alliances
it may be in other universes but i don't know


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Trade federation Empty Info update to The alliance and "Player "richard"

Post by Stardango on Sat Feb 26, 2011 11:22 am

Thanks Richard for the information it will become usfull to our alliance, below some information sent to me from the leader: "bloodwarrior"


From: bloodwarrior [3:292:8]
To: Stardango
Subject: no subject
Date: 26.02.2011 02:21:29

i heard you might want a trade with us is that true and if so we are open to do so

this is there homepage

Welcome to the TRADE Federation Alliance
We protect each other, help each other and teach each other.
We have NO minimum point requirement. However we require you to be ACTIVE.
We have few rules, but we expect you to follow the ones we have for you.
Rule 1 dont attack anyone that we are allies with or have or have a N.A.P with
Rule 2 We have a form were will talk. Use it so we talk more.link is the bottom of alliance page
Rule 3 be active and are inactive for 15 days without notice be kicked off from the alliance


This is alliance were we want to trade as much as as we can.Even in wars we will help trade to all alliance. So the alliance may be small but if we can get more and more players to join we will be big and make this game fun. Each player will get points based on the points but if you are low i mean low we still want everyone. So come join the trade federation. The more people we have to trade, the better we are as one

Allies:Canadian Space Agency and United Federation Network

N.A.P The Galactic Federation, RVL and CoRSairS ClaN

WARS: none


So this is the Alliance internal board. Here is where I will attempt to post news and important information.

If you have anything to report just message me and I will post it.

-Only try to Colonize planets in slots 5-9, there are the best spots - if you can only keep planets with 200+ slots as later in the game you will need the extra space

-REMEMBER TO FLEETSAVE! If an enemy fleet is coming to wipe you out, send your fleet away *DO NOT use expeditions as a method of fleetsaving, trust me it is a bad Idea

-REMEMBER FLEETSAVING - Fleetsaving is not only for when you are attacked. It is done when you will be away from the game. DO NOT leave your fleets on your planets when you go to work, school or sleep. FLETTSAVE! And bring your resources with you.

Please contract on of these people if you want to
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