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Universe 43 Membership "cleanup"

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Universe 43 Membership "cleanup" Empty Universe 43 Membership "cleanup"

Post by subsailor on Sat Jan 08, 2011 3:38 pm


I have removed several members from the Universe 43 section of the forums, in an effort to match current Universe 43 active players with their proper access in the forums.

If I removed you from the Universe 43 private area and you ARE an active Universe 43 ZEN member, I apologize. You can PM me here or in-game (I'm "subsailor" in both places) and I will reinstate you. It was not intentional.

I ask all Universe 43 ZEN members to please be patient, and to, if at all possible, use the same name in-game as in the forums to ease management.

Again, my apologies if I mistakenly removed anyone active in the Universe 43 chapter. I will correct upon request and verification of your identity in-game.

Thank you!

Robert Schumacher

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Universe 43 Membership "cleanup" Empty Re: Universe 43 Membership "cleanup"

Post by IMADV8 on Sun Jan 09, 2011 4:24 am

I've added an option in everyone's profiles to list their in-game name and which universes they play in. That should make things easier in the future.

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