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Greasemonkey script for redesign

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Greasemonkey script for redesign Empty Greasemonkey script for redesign

Post by Pan on Mon Oct 12, 2009 9:20 pm

In Uni.43 we had this:
Player subsailor tells you the following:

If you are missing your FoxGame/NeoGame features, here's a Greasmonkey script that adds many of those features back. Requires Greasemonkey (an extension for Firefox, I think it also works on Opera). Just started using it, but it does one thing I REALLY like...sets the displayed times to your local time!

He found it on GF board and they said it was approved for OGame.*

I like it and found it easy to install and use. It puts a button in the menu to configure it.

I know it works in Firefox in both Uni.43 and Andromeda.


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