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Can i get some more help

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Can i get some more help Empty Can i get some more help

Post by kouri182 on Sat Oct 03, 2009 5:49 pm

this player derfany has decided to have a war with me trouble is i dont have enough time and he seems to always be on so if i could get some help attacking that would be great. he is on alot and everytime i send an attack he is on or gets on soon after and moves his fleet. his planets are here.
2:203:8 ICE05 ( derfany )
2:209:8 ICE03 ( derfany )
2:213:7 ICE08 ( derfany )
2:213:8 ICE02 ( derfany )
2:216:7 ICE00 ( derfany )
2:223:7 ICE06 ( derfany )
2:223:8 ICE07 ( derfany )
2:226:8 ICE09 ( derfany )
2:244:8 ICE04 ( derfany )

so any help would be great thanks!



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Can i get some more help Empty Re: Can i get some more help

Post by Pan on Mon Oct 05, 2009 11:19 pm

It would help to say what Universe you are in.
There are ZEN alliances in several Universes.
See the Private areas.

You can apply for the groups you need.

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